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From your steering, to your exhaust, it all needs attention, when you start hearing strange noises be it a roaring as you're driving down the road or a clank n bang when you hit a pot hole, you should get it looked at before it gets worse. metal parts go through a lot of stress from every day driving and corrosive salt on the roads during the winter.

Anything broke can be fixed, just remember the longer you leave it the bigger the problem gets.


Is your battery draining and your car not starting the next day but you didn't leave anything on in the car.

I can diagnose it, there are 100s of feet of wires in a car, and sometimes the smallest little crack in a wire can make the whole car seem like its falling apart.


The engine is the key to your investment. You want to keep it in tip top shape, lots of things can go wrong, timing belts and chains can brake, valves and lifters can start making noises, head gaskets can blow. Let me know what your concerns are and I'll get you an idea of whats going on and how I can fix it.


Still driving Manual? Good, me too, we'll get along great. But if you're having trouble going anywhere because your clutch is slipping, it takes all the fun away. 

Clutch Jobs starting at $500, Parts included. 


Brakes, if there's 1 thing you really gotta rely on, but never really think of its your brakes. you only pay them mind when they start acting strange.

I charge $100 per axle (front/back) to change pads, rotors or whatever else may need to go on brake wise, Parts cost extra. Which all includes completely cleaning the brake system, re-lubing with fresh lube, inspecting for damaged and seized parts to keep you driving confidently.

Ask About brake fluid flushing as well if yours hasn't been done, which greatly effects your braking ability and parts longevity.


Maybe you're young or old, a car guy or just wanna add something new. Don't have the tools or skills but don't want to keep it stock. whether you want to go 4 wheeling, stance your car, put in a nice aftermarket exhaust, or add some more HP. I fully support it. Make the car yours! let me know what you want to do.



Not afraid to get your hands dirty? me either. If you want to learn how to do your own oil changes, tune ups and jobs you can safely take on yourself but don't have the confidence or tools, well i can teach you how to do it the right way the first time, so you enjoy the experience and aren't afraid to do it yourself.

Tell me what you wanna do and we can set up a time.




Whether you want a quiet one, fix your old rusted out one or a nice aftermarket exhaust, I can fix it up for you.

They tend to get rusted out and start falling to piece from our salty winters, so if you're having any excessive noise, rattles, or broken hangers, let me know and ill get it all fixed up for you.


The only thing keeping your vehicle moving and stopping, they're the connection from your engine and brakes to the ground. If your tires are worn, you lose the ability to accelerate quick & stop in a safe distance whether its wet or dry out. If you were to do anything to your car to improve its performance tires would be the thing. Don't run them till they're bald, don't ignore uneven wear.

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