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So you want to buy a new car, but you want to make sure it's gonna be worth your money and last.

While I can do that for you. I highly recommend it is done, whether your buying from a dealer or a private sale.

Countless times I have inspected cars with no oil in them or major issues, regardless of private sale or a dealer sale.

All to often I have customers bringing me cars explaining they "just purchased it a week ago". Usually the problem was preexisting and would of been noticed during an inspection.

So protect yourself, save money and have the car inspected.

I will discuss with you and the seller (if you so choose) the cost of repairs for all the issues i see to reflect against the sales price.

Basic Inspections at the shop $90+tax

Advanced inspections costs are vehicle specific.


Check all fluids*. Inspect car body for damage, misaligned panels or anything that would indicate an accident. Inspect for corrosion of the frame and body. Test all lights and Electrical components. Inspect tire wear. Check engine for leak, and external wear on components (hoses, belts etc). Run engine to make sure it runs at its optimal operating temperature. Run an OBD2 diagnostic to make sure the check engine light hasnt been reset and there are no problems. Check the interior for leaks and damage. Brakes check for wear and life, suspension & steering components checked for play. Finally if all seems well A decent test drive to make sure it drives well.

The vehicle will be given a good and proper look over no matter the type of inspection you choose.


Includes all that a basic inspection does. Fluids in hard to reach areas will be inspected for contamination/discoloration. Compression test the engine to make sure the cylinders are healthy (low compression = bad engine, burning oil etc)**. Remove timing cover and check timing belt tension**. Includes inspecting a vehicle that does not run, diagnosing why and if its worth buying.

*exluding fluids in differentials, transfer cases or other parts that are not easily check without dismantling.

** Given the owners permission to run such tests/removal of engine components - Some engines this is not possible due to high risk of spark plug/thread damage.

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