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Want to keep your car running its best and last a long time? Regular maintenance is key. A well taken care of engine and car, is safer and more fuel efficient. Peace of mind knowing you wont have any hiccups during your day with car issues. These are some of the key points to be aware of.

      TUNE UPS


A general basic tune up includes changing, Spark plugs, Oil and Oil filter, PCV valve and the Air filter. All those things will keep the engine breathing good, running clean, and burning fuel more efficiently.


There are other parts that shouldn't be forgotten, but have longer intervals between servicing. Spark plug wires, Fuel filter, Transmission fluid and filter changes. Coolant flushing and changing every 3-5 years. Brake fluid flushing and changing your power steering.

The only thing more annoying than driving around with squeak brakes is not being able to brake safely.


Lots of things can go wrong in daily wear n tear of your braking system. Things heat up and cool down rapidly, corrosion from road salt, grit and dirt get in which can make things stick and make noise.


Common issues being, noises and squeaks.

Soft pedal/pedal goes down far before it does anything. Brake pedal and/or car pulsates or wobbles under braking.

ABS Issues keeping you from stopping safely in bad weather or panic braking situations.


Got a clunk or a clang when you hit a bump? Vancouver is full of pot holes that beat up your suspension every day. Shocks and Struts don't last for ever, they start leaking and lose there rebound making your car bounce more.

Also a soft suspension can increase your braking distance.


Ball joints, tie rods and other steering components take the brunt of it too, as they wear out your tires will wear faster, your car will pull in different directions, taking the joy out of driving and costing you more money replacing tires more often.




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